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Mandurah Garden’s 20 Year Anniversary – A Community Celebration

In June this year we celebrated Mandurah Garden’s 20 Year Anniversary. Reflecting on the vibrant atmosphere we’ve created over the last two decades, this celebration was shared with the local community. We treated our attendees to a high tea and learnt about their experiences at Mandurah Gardens.


Mandurah Garden’s 20 Year Anniversary

Established in 1998, Mandurah Gardens was built with the aim of providing a rich, lively and safe community for over 55 locals in Mandurah and surrounds. Over the past 20 years the Estate has hosted bowl’s tournaments, charity events, social clubs and other local initiatives, developing a strong sense of community spirit. This social mindedness was the focus of Mandurah Garden’s 20 Year Anniversary celebrations.


Mandurah MP David Templeman, who was Deputy Mayor of the City of Mandurah in 1998 and attended the festivities, said,

“The people who live at Mandurah Gardens Estate are wonderful citizens of our City. Many of them continue to volunteer in our local community and their shared stories add vibrancy to our City’s diversity … They also have a magnificent sense of community and a deadly sense of humour.”


Templeman’s comments were based on a long relationship with Mandurah Gardens, with him attending the Estate’s opening in 1998. Mirroring his sentiment were the residents, who expressed their joy in living as part of the Estate’s trusted community. One particular resident, Dorn Saint, who has lived in the village since its opening, communicated her satisfaction with Mandurah Gardens.

“I feel much safer here because I can visit my family without worrying about leaving my home”, she said.


This great combination of a rich community lifestyle and the safety of village living is likely responsible for the Estate’s 20 year success. The Estate has also put great effort into providing facilities which offer an active lifestyle for its residents.


Looking forward, Mandurah Gardens aims to sustain a strong sense of community. Our team now looks forward to 2023, which will represent a quarter of a century of Mandurah Gardens Estate.


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